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1/4 Inch to RCA Cables

1/4 Inch to RCA Cables

With the 1/4 Inch to RCA Cables, you can easily connect your mixer (or other sound equipment) to your television. The cables take the 1/4 inch male connector from the mixer, which is usually used for professional studio audio and instrument use, and converts it for compatibility with a standard RCA female plug! 

- Easy plug & play connection 
- Heavy duty reinforced design for durability 
- Coated connectors to reduce signal interference 

- Connect any audio device with a ¼” output to an older television or display that accepts stereo RCA. 
- Easily link up your instruments like electric guitars, microphones and other sound equipment without a hassle. 
- High quality build ensures high fidelity sound transmission without worrying about signal interference!

What Are 1/4 Inch to RCA Cables Used For? 

1/4 Inch to RCA cables are commonly used for connecting audio equipment such as mixers, amplifiers, and recording devices. The cables transmit an audio signal from one device to another through the RCA connectors on either end of the cable. This type of cable is usually used in professional settings due to heavier duty construction than a standard 3.5mm cable.