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Audio Video Cables

Audio Video Cables

Audio Video Cables are the perfect solution for connecting your TV and sound systems to create a home entertainment experience. These cables come in HDMI, Component, Composite and Subwoofer varieties, ensuring that you have the right connections to get the best quality audio and visual output from your devices. Each cable is designed to reduce interference with other signals and produce clear sound at high volumes. With these cables you’ll be enjoying home theatre audio and visual experiences like never before!


- High speed HDMI cables for maximum transmission of audio & video signals
- Return audio connection for amplified stereo & surround sound systems
- Low EMI/RFI shielding for reducing interference from other signals in the environment
- Gold-plated tips for optimal conduction & corrosion resistance 


- Create amazing home theatre experiences thanks to Audio Video cables that reduce the risk of interference and make the most out of your devices’ capabilities 
- Enjoy crystal clear sound with amplified stereo & surround sound systems without sacrificing image quality or lag times 
- Easy plug & play installation makes it hassle free to connect different components quickly & efficiently