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About Us

We are a US Veteran-owned technology company that has built a reputation for providing state of the art solutions and accessories for a plethora of electronic devices. From laptops to tablets and desktop computers to mobile phones, we strive in delivering products and customer service that are second to none.

With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, we’ve had to adapt and overcome the biggest changes the world has ever seen in terms of communication and innovation. It’s these changes and our understanding of the future landscape of technology that has allowed us to provide cables and accessories for the growing number of gadgets that arrive on the market. 

With the curve of innovation in its steepest ascent and more and more products coming onto the market we work hard to understand and deliver solutions that are high quality and robust enough to survive the times. Our cabling and accessories are first class and our dedication to customer service sits right at the center of not just what we do but more importantly, who we are.

Our five principles that help provide sales and service superiority

As a one-stop shop for high quality, durable cables and accessories we have five key principles that are the lifeblood that runs through our company and helps to set us apart from our competitors:

  1. Quality assurance
    1. Quality is everything to us which is why our expert purchasing team with over 50 years experience in technology, travel the world to source the best quality accessories and cables from reputable suppliers that won’t let you down after one use, which we know is a common problem when buying from other vendors. We’re technology lovers ourselves which means we know our customers unique needs and it’s why we stock some of the hardest to find accessories, cables and adaptors on the market; from waterproof cabling solutions to hospital grade power cables, we’ve got you covered. 
  1. Affordable prices
    1. We have a network of product managers that oversee the purchasing of over 25 categories which mean we can leverage supplier relations built up over years of experience to give you high quality, market leading products at the lowest prices possible. Products are sourced worldwide and can be shipped internationally but are usually fulfilled locally from here in the United States. If you’re near one of our stores then why not stop by and you might just find yourself benefiting from discounted prices and amazing offers.
  1. First Class Customer service
    1. We’re passionate about what we do which is why we put a big emphasis on providing our team of representatives with the highest quality training to deliver customer service that is best in class, we offer an experience, not just a wide range of accessories. We understand that not everyone is a tech guru which is why our friendly team of representatives are on hand to offer technical support that makes sense. Whether you order online or over the phone, our team will avoid the jargon and provide simple solutions that address your needs.
  1. Same day shipping
    1. We offer a flat rate for all standard shipping which we believe offers great value and if you order online or over the phone before 4.00pm your product will be shipped on the same day. This isn’t a goal, it’s our standard, guaranteed. Everyone at Rontech is committed to providing an exemplary level of customer service and commitment to our customers which helps to ensure your products get to you as soon as possible. If in the unlikely event there is a missing item from an order with multiple products, one of our team will flag it and rectify it before contacting you directly to update you on what’s happened.
  1. Expert knowledge
    1. At the forefront of what we do and at the heart of everyone who works at Rontech is expert knowledge. We employ specialists, or train individuals in both customer service and product knowledge so whether you buy online or over the phone, our team ensure that you have all the information you need. Our online product descriptions are straightforward and easy-to-use with a clear list of features that make browsing and purchasing as easy as possible and if you prefer to call then our friendly team are available over the phone to help address your needs.

 Delivering on these five principles is what has allowed us to stay at the top of our game. Offering a product catalog that is ever-evolving to stay ahead of a fast-changing world is just the starting point, our experienced team and commitment to high quality products and first class customer service is what makes the difference and we truly believe that delivering a faultless experience whether that be over the phone, online or in person is what makes allows our reputation to flourish and our business to grow. 

Welcome to Rontech, we can’t wait to help.